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This is the home of wicked mysteries - with a twist! If you like historical crime, you'll love these wonderful stories and novels. Each features Hippo Yeoman, the most cunning man in Elizabethan London. And each has a very wicked twist! They're also the world’s first ‘fictorials’: stories enjoyable in their own right that show you precisely, scene by scene, the craft skills the author is using to write those stories - so you can do the same.

I wrote these stories with love and I'd love to hear what you think about them.

London, 1596. Hippo Yeoman, an apothecary, is accused of four bestial murders. The highest officials of the College of Physicians - proud, vicious men - have been slaughtered by a serial murderer. He works to a poetic pattern of revenge. And each murder is hideous.

To avoid the gallows, Hippo must discover the murderer’s identity, and quickly. All his friends have the means and motive.

As time runs out, Hippo finds the killer- it's the one friend he least suspected - and is saved from the gallows. The case is proved beyond all doubt.

But has Hippo found the true murderer? Could the killer - with his monstrous mission of revenge - still be at large?
This is the classic guide to writing a novel - while you enjoy a novel. Fear Of Evil is a great historical mystery in its own right. But it also contains a treasury of how-to notes that show you, step by step, how to craft your own successful novel in any genre! Get it now at a trivial price at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

A beautiful 15 year old girl is found murdered on the streets of 16th century London. Three suspects emerge, each with means and motive. Hippo Yeoman, an apothecary and 'cunning man', is hired by the court to find the killer. But dare he name the murderer who has already killed four women - and may kill more? As horror succeeds horror, he is lured into a world of evil and deception, a hideous reality that lies behind the City's face.

This thrilling tale is packed with clever but unobtrusive tips, showing precisely how it was written, to help you write your own story!
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Looking for clever, fast-paced historical mysteries? Here you’ll discover seven ‘impossible’ crimes, locked room puzzles, passion and riddles galore. Enjoy these lusty stories set in Elizabethan England where a 'cunning man', Hippo Yeoman, must solve devilish cases to save his friends’ lives, or even his own.

Can you find the culprit before Hippo does? Challenge your own detective skills, and enjoy a thundering good read, in settings that are wholly authentic to 16th century England.

You'll love this anthology of seven clever mysteries - plus a free bonus story - that also includes full guidance, scene by scene, on how to write a story. It's a master class in fiction writing, whatever genre you read or write in. And the stories are a joy to read!
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The year is 1599 and someone is killing London’s poets in a bestial and inventive way. Hippo Yeoman, a ‘cunning man’, is hired to investigate.

As the terrible truth is finally revealed, he realizes that a devil is stalking London. And he uncovers the startling answer to one of the world’s most enduring mysteries: who really was William Shakespeare?

This full-length novel abounds with wicked twists. At the end, you will ask yourself: could it even be true?
A big mystery novel with a vengeance! It's a pleasure to read for its own sake but it also abounds with how-to footnotes that show you, scene by scene, how to write your own novel, in any genre!
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